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It’s not a big secret that real estate transactions are expensive. After all, they are typically one of the biggest transactions you’ll make in a lifetime. You may be tempted not to hire an attorney for the process — a real estate attorney isn’t required and might feel like just another extra expense. However, bringing an attorney into your real estate process can end up saving you time and a significant amount of money if any problems crop up during your transaction.

Not only can your real estate attorney deal with any legal problems, he also protects your best interests during the entire process by making sure all contracts and paperwork comply with state laws. Nishad Khan, P.L. in Pensacola guides you through the real estate process and anticipates issues before they happen. He specializes in real estate law and his goal is to provide his clients an efficient and smooth process. Contact him today.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

Although the real estate transaction process can seem relatively easy on the surface, there are many little details that can stop the process in its tracks. Here are the steps of buying and selling real estate:

  • Buyer and seller make an informal agreement
  • Seller enters into a formal contract with the buyer
  • Buyer obtains a financing commitment
  • Title search is performed
  • Property is transferred from seller to buyer
  • Seller receives the agreed-upon price

This may seem simple, but each step has a lot of details. Following are some of the ways in which your lawyer can help:

  • Locating the best property for your needs
  • Dealing and handling real estate brokers
  • Helping with negotiations
  • Assisting in procuring a mortgage/loan
  • Performing the title search
  • Attending the closing

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Your real estate transaction may be one of the most important transactions you make in your lifetime. Make it count. The associates at Nishad Khan P.L. work to make your experience as easy and seamless as possible.

Let us handle the finer points while you focus on the big picture. We proudly serve the Florida Panhandle area, including Pensacola. Get in touch with us today at (850) 500-3030 to find out how we can work together today.


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