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Considering a Commercial Real Estate Acquisition? Let Our Pensacola Law Firm Help

When you purchase commercial real estate, the entire process can include acquiring, owning, managing, renting, or selling that real estate for profit. If you’re looking to acquire commercial real estate, here are some of the best places to look:

  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate brokers
  • Market listings
  • Bank real estate departments
  • Federal agencies like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

To keep your interests protected and ensure the acquisition process is efficient, consult with the offices of Nishad Khan, P.L. for your commercial real estate needs. He guides his clients from the start of purchase to the closing — all in the quality and professional manner he’s known for.

Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions in Florida

The commercial real estate acquisition market has several specializations, including:

  • Industrial – including warehousing, technology, manufacturing, processing plants
  • Office buildings – from single office to multi-tenant buildings
  • Retail businesses – depending on demographics, location, and economy
  • Residential real estate – including condos and apartment buildings
  • Investment acquisitions – usually large transactions with high-scale financing

When assessing value, commercial property is different from residential property. In terms of the length and reliability of the income you’re likely to gain from the property, the degree of value is determined in reverse proportion to degree of risk. The most complicated property to evaluate in value is typically multi-tenant property, like retail or office. This is where an experienced real estate attorney can benefit and advise you.

Attorney Khan works with and represents his clients — investors, developers, and owners — in a variety of Florida property acquisition issues, including:

  • Joint ventures
  • Recapitalization
  • First mortgages
  • Mezzanine transactions
  • Real estate-based fund formation

Consult With a Knowledgeable Pensacola Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

If you’re interested in acquiring commercial real estate in the Florida Panhandle, attorney Nishad Khan, P.L. is experienced in all aspects of real estate law. He is ready to be your advocate and guide you through the process with a deft hand.

For more information regarding how Nishad Khan P.L. can help you with your real estate transactions, contact us online or at (850) 500-3030 today.


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