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Localities usually divide their jurisdictions into segments, or zones, on which particular types of use are permitted. For example, one area of a town might be zoned for residential use, another for commercial use, and areas on the edge of town zoned for industrial use. This practice is called zoning.

What is the Purpose of Zoning?

Zoning serves many different purposes, but the main one is to increase or preserve property values by ensuring that conflicting uses don’t lead to legal disputes.
Zoning laws don’t exist only to protect residential use. They also protect individuals who engage in other types of use of land, by making sure that they are able to do their business without bothering neighboring landowners, thereby avoiding legal disputes.

Florida land use planning and zoning regulations can be complex and difficult to understand. Developers, businesses and property owners can all face land use planning or zoning issues, and it can be hard to know what steps to take to resolve any pending issues.

Some of the land use zoning issues Florida real estate attorney Nishad Khan P.L. routinely handles include:

  • Zoning and re-zoning
  • Variances
  • Condominium plans and amendments
  • Zoning disputes
  • Land development code issues
  • Government approval
  • Permit issues
  • Opposition to land use plan or zoning of property

The zoning of your property depends upon its location. Typically, the local government plays a vital role in land use and zoning regulations, and any opposition can lead to significant delays in your plans.

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