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Florida law covers many aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship that should be included in a lease or rental agreement, including:
  • Term of the tenancy. Every Florida rental agreement should state whether it is a rental agreement (month-to-month and self-renewing unless one of the parties terminates) or a fixed-term lease (which sets a specific beginning and expiration date).
  • Names of all tenants. Every adult who will live in the rental unit, including both members of a married couple, should sign the rental agreement and be named as tenants.
  • Limits on occupancy. A rental agreement should specify that the unit is the residence of only the tenants who have signed the lease and their minor children.
  • Rent. Your rental agreement should provide specific details about the rent, including amount, due date, method of payment, late fees, and returned-check charges.
  • Security deposit. To avoid confusion, the rental agreement should include details about security deposits, including the dollar amount, use, and when and how it will be returned to the tenant.
  • Landlord and tenant responsibilities. This section clarifies the responsibilities for repair and maintenance of the rental property.
  • Restrictions. Rental agreements should include a clause prohibiting disruptive behavior by tenants.
  • Pets. A rental agreement needs to be clear on the subject of pets: whether or not they are allowed, if there is any limit on the size or number of pets, and how animal waste in the yard will be handled.
  • Landlord access. To avoid tenant complaints about violation of privacy, a rental agreement should clarify the landlord’s legal right of access to the property.
  • Disclosures. Federal law requires landlords to disclose lead-based paint hazards before tenants move in.
  • Authority. Florida law requires landlords to advise the tenants about whom they should give notices, demands, and legal papers to.

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