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Landlord and Tenant Issues in Florida

Florida Panhandle Real Estate Attorney Helps Resolve Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Both tenants and landlords have rights under the law regarding property. As a tenant, even though your landlord (or company) owns the property, you still have tenant rights you should know about. Many tenants have their rights violated all the time, simply because they are unaware of their legal rights. This is unfair.

In the same vein, sometimes landlords find themselves in situations where they need to evict certain tenants. Or, they may find a tenant violating a lease agreement. Ensure you know your rights as a landlord to avoid being taken advantage of.

Do I Need To Take My Landlord or Tenant to Court?

Before, as a tenant or a landlord, resorting to a civil lawsuit, consult with a Panama City area real estate attorney. Nishad Khan, P.L. is experienced in landlord/tenant disputes and can review your lease, assess the situation, and advise you on the best route to take to resolve the issue.

It’s not always necessary to go straight to court. Attorney Khan can work with you in a mediation capacity, using negotiation skills to attempt to work out your issues outside of the courtroom — saving you time and money. However, if your dispute ends up requiring litigation, he will advocate for you and fight for you in the courtroom, representing only your best interests.

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Ensure that your rights as a tenant or landlord are protected. The offices of Nishad Khan, P.L. focus on these disputes and work with you to get them settled. Whether you want to prevent any issues before they happen by having us assess your lease before you sign it, or if you feel your rights are being violated, our lawyers can help.

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