Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Why Hire a Pensacola Real Estate Attorney?

Experienced Florida Panhandle Real Estate Law Firm Makes a Difference

Real estate transactions, residential or commercial, are expensive. You may be tempted not to hire an attorney for the process. After all, a real estate attorney isn’t mandatory and is another extra fee. This is certainly true. However, investing a nominal fee for a real estate attorney up front can save you from paying thousands later if there’s an unexpected problem with the transaction.

A real estate attorney also protects your best interests during the sale and purchase process by ensuring all the paperwork is in order and complies with state laws. He will guide you through the decision-making process and look ahead to solve issues before they become problems. At the Pensacola offices of Nishad Khan, P.L., we specialize in real estate law and advocate for our clients every step of the way.

The Real Estate Transaction

A real estate transaction may seem relatively simple on the surface, but the little details can easily derail the process. The steps of buying and selling real estate are as follows:

  • The buyer and seller make an informal agreement
  • The seller enters into a formal contract with the buyer
  • The buyer obtains a financing commitment
  • A title search is performed
  • The property is transferred from seller to buyer
  • The seller receives the agreed-upon price

What a Real Estate Attorney Does

Your real estate attorney works hard to ensure your real estate transaction runs smoothly from drafting a contract to signing the paperwork at the closing. Here are just a few issues with which an attorney can help you:

  • Find the best property for your needs
  • Help deal with real estate brokers
  • Assist in negotiations
  • Help procure a mortgage/loan
  • Perform a title search
  • Attend the closing

Attorney Khan ensures you comply with state law every step of the way, and also has experience dealing with local brokers and real estate professionals who may represent other parties. This experience and expertise helps him advocate for you and avoid any potential problems.

Let a Florida Panhandle Real Estate Lawyer Advocate for You

Don’t enter into a real estate transaction without legal representation. There are too many variables in the process to go it alone. Let the offices of Nishad Khan, P.L. handle the complex aspects of the process for you and keep everything on track.

For more information regarding how Nishad Khan P.L. can help you with your real estate transactions, contact us online or at (850) 500-3030 today.


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