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People who make an offer to buy real estate do so through a written contract known as a purchase and sale agreement. Each real estate sale is unique, making the inclusion of contingencies in a standard contract extremely important.

During the review period, the attorneys for each party view the contract and make suggestions for changes that will protect their respective clients. Once the offer is accepted and the contract is signed, the parties are liable to fulfill their obligations, regardless of whether or not they’ve had an attorney review it. Pensacola real estate attorney Nishad Khan P.L. will conduct a thorough review and protect your rights in any Florida real estate transaction.

The Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

The purpose of a real estate purchase and sale agreement is to clearly express the conditions of the agreement between the buyer and the seller. It must be in writing, signed by both the buyer and the seller, include a written offer and a written acceptance, and include some other essential elements:

  • A clear description of the property being sold
  • The sale and purchase price
  • Any essential contingencies such as buyer financing or requirements concerning homeowner or condominium association or memberships

The buying and selling of real estate are major financial transactions that usually include an emotional element as well. The attorney review period allows an objective professional the opportunity to provide advice and protect your interests.

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