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Purchasing and owning property — commercial or residential — is one of the biggest transactions you’ll likely make in your life. Don’t put everything on the line by making mistakes on the paperwork or accidentally skipping important steps in the process.

The real estate law firm of Nishad Khan, P.L., serving the Pensacola area, guides you through the closing process, focusing on the legal aspects and protecting your best interests. We ensure everything is done properly and in a timely manner, representing both buyers and sellers.

What is a Closing?

The closing is when both the buyer and the seller sign all of the final documents for the real estate purchase, completing the transaction. The closing transfers the title (ownership) of the property from the seller to the buyer.

Because there’s so much paperwork involved in the transfer of title and the closing, having a real estate attorney at your side makes the process much easier. Your attorney has an in-depth knowledge of closings and all the associated documents. He’s familiar with the process, can explain the paperwork to you, and ensure it’s filled out correctly, filed on time — and that you’re never taken advantage of.

Consulting with the Law Offices of Nishad Khan, P.L. gives you reassurance from the start of the real estate transaction all the way through to closing. Talk to us before signing any contracts or mortgage applications. We’ll ensure your experience is a smooth one and protect you from any problems before they occur. In the event any issues pop up, we work to solve them before closing.

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The closing documents on properties often contain many conditions and restrictions. It can be difficult for consumers to understand this legal language. We advise contacting our real estate attorneys to protect your best interests and work with professionals familiar with the closing process. We specialize in real estate law and can answer any questions you have — whether you’re a buyer, broker, realtor, or seller.

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